Ash & Elm Cider Co.

Rooted in Tradition. Crafted for Today.

Interested in reading up on Ash & Elm Cider Co.? Here's a roundup of our favorite articles and media mentions.

Enjoying the Fruits of Their Labor - The Daily Journal out of Johnson County in Southern Indiana wrote an article about the growing craft cider industry in the state. They include interviews with Ash & Elm Cider Co., as well as other cider producers in the area.

Indianapolis Fall City Guide 2016 - Nuvo News published their Fall 2016 City Guide and named Ash & Elm Cider Co. as a 'Best Bet' in Indy. We were tickled to be included - here's a clip of the story.

Craft Cider and Coffee Perk Up East Side - Amy Haneline, the beverage reporter for the Indianapolis Star, came by to interview us and our tenant-mates, the Neidhammer Coffee Company. Her article goes into the history of the building our tasting room as in as well as the overall development.

Ash & Elm Cider Co.'s Grand Opening Brings in Over 400 Guests - Indiana On Tap, a popular blog that talks about all things brewed and fermented in the state, wrote a review of our (hectic!) grand opening. 

New Indianapolis Cidery Unites History with Modernity - Rita Kohn from Nuvo News conducted a Q & A with Andrea about the history of cider and Ash & Elm Cider Co's cider-making philosophy. A great, in-depth read. 

Ash & Elm Cider Company Near Downtown Indy - We were featured on CBS4 Indy's popular "Nicole In Your Neighborhood" feature, in partnership with Yelp Indy, leading up to our grand opening. It was a lot of fun to film a segment for TV and see what goes on behind the scenes.

The Business of Food - If you have some time on your hands and an interest in in-depth radio journalism, check out this conversation between Jolene Ketzenberger of Eat Drink Indiana Radio and Andrea. We discuss the business side of the cidery along with - of course - the cider iteself.

Look Inside Ash & Elm Cider, Opening June 25 - Who doesn't love pictures? The Indianapolis Star stopped by to give a glimpse inside our production space and tasting room as we geared up for our grand opening. Bonus! Andrea on a fork lift. 

Ash & Elm Cider Co.: Apple Sauced - This article in Indianapolis Monthly was an early preview of Ash & Elm Cider Co. as we geared up to have our grand opening.



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