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Small Batch Ciderdays and the Core Club

On the first Saturday of each month, Ash & Elm Cider Co. releases a new small-batch cider. This is a chance for us to experiment with new cider-making techniques, unique ingredients, and to test out new ciders with our loyal fans. All of the cider made for Small Batch Ciderday releases is made 100% from Indiana apples, and we'll always make sure you know which orchard provided the apples for your favorite Small Batch Ciderday releases.

Folks who join us for 9 or more Small Batch Ciderdays in a year will gain entrance into The Core Club for 2018! Member benefits include an exclusive Core Club shirt, Core Club glassware, and early entrance to all special and limited bottle releases for 2018. 


January 7 - Scrumpy

 Our scrumpy cider has higher tannin than our flagship ciders. It has been matured for almost one year and has a dry finish. In English scrumpy style, it is a bit rough around the edges.


April 1

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July 1

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October 7

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Headlong Variations.jpg

February 11 - Headlong Variations

 We'll have multiple versions of our popular dry-hopped cider to compare with each other. Each version will use different yeasts and hop varietals. Which one will be your favorite?


May 6

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August 5

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November 4

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March 4

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June 3

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September 2

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December 2

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